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Take Control of Your Benefit Options

Were you recently involved in the automotive industry buyouts and lay-offs?

Ford recently laid off over 7,000 salaried employees, per CNN.

Being involved in a large layoff can be uncomfortable. Your financial future is in limbo.

We can help. Horizon Advisers works with many Ford and GM retirees/employees. We have an understanding of the benefit package you will receive.

Some will wonder if they should just retire. Maybe how much longer they need to work with a new company. How much salary will get you to retirement goals? Should I take pension lump sum? What to do with old 401(k)? What to do for health insurance?

In this tough time, we are offering complimentary financial reviews that will help you make the most out of all the big decisions you have coming up. This review will offer clarity to you situation and make the decision making process more educated which will add to your confidence. These are big decisions that take careful thought.

If you are interested in a complimentary consultation, please contact us below. It's time for you to feel confident in the financial decision you are making. 

Prefer e-mail? Contact us at info@horizonadviser.com.

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