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Every Journey Starts with a Beginning...

Thank you for attending our webinar!

As you learned from our webinar, long-term care planning is complicated and everyone's situation is different. Normally, it takes a team of professionals working together to create a full plan for someone. However, the plan is just the beginning. The implementation and execution of the plan are just as crucial. Horizon Advisers is built to assist families with these difficult decisions. 

Now that you gained this information, it is important to utilize it to take the next step. 

Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is useless. 

The Horizon Advisers Journey:


First Meeting

Plan Creation

Second Meeting

Your Decision


Schedule a 15-minute phone call. This will give both of us the chance to briefly discuss your situation and see where you are in your financial journey.  There will be a few pieces of crucial information requested from you to continue on to the next step. 

Begin Your Journey

Every journey starts with a beginning... 

It is an absolute honor to be working with you and your family. Our passion is for you to be educated, comfortable and relieved throughout our journey together. We are so excited to get started!